Monday, May 13, 2013

Willing Captive

A most peculiar thing
   is this life which holds me captive
I’m something of a stand-in -
   a surrogate for God
The lows and highs of life
   are mostly when they find me
In moments of great turmoil
   when the need for God breaks in
Beside hospital beds and open graves
   holding babies or communion bread
It is God’s love and presence
   that hopefully shines through

Sometimes it gets confusing
   with both grief and joy colliding
The laughter and the tears
   compete for center stage
Death and life in tension
   and me caught in the middle
I do not always rise
   to meet this holy task
Between the pastor and the person
   the fit is, at times, uneasy
But always there is grace
   and God’s love to bridge the gap

People do not always see me
   past the veil of this strange calling
Behind my presence in the room
   stands the one I represent
It isn’t that I’m special
   or somehow better than the people
The reasons are a mystery
   why God chose me for this work
With humble joy I seek to serve
   as channel for the sacred
I am a willing captive
   to this life so filled with God

September 2002