Monday, May 13, 2013

To Walk or To Run

I talk a good game
But it’s harder to live it
Journeys are fine
But impatience wins out

It’s a lesson I’ve learned
Walking slow on the journey
But then I forget
As I sprint towards the line

To savor the moment
And relish each footstep
Alone or with others
But it just takes so long

I want to enjoy it
There’s so much to discover
Why do I rush things
As I dash through my life?

But what if I’m late
For the chance of a lifetime
Because I had stopped
Somewhere short of the goal?

I know I can trust
That more chances will find me
If I keep me eyes open
And risk living each day

The pace of my travels
Will change with the pathway
The trick is to know
When to walk or to run

To live in the present
Finding moments to cherish
Sharing with partners
For as long as it takes

Impatience still haunts me
But I’ll find my way past it
With faith and with trust
That this journey is good

November 2002