Monday, May 13, 2013


The words come so easy
We speak without thinking
Especially now
But what do they mean?
“Thanks be to God!”

Is this all there is?
The quest for abundance
Living my life
With family and friends
“Thanks be to God!”

Is it all about getting
And never about giving?
I have so much,
But what of the rest?
“Thanks be to God!”

It’s more that just words
And it’s more than just me
It’s only enough
If I share from the heart.
“Thanks be to God!”

It’s only mere talk
If there’s no action to back it
Thanksgiving for all
Makes this season complete
“Thanks be to God!”

Let us live with the vision
Of a world without hunger
More than enough
If we’ll just take the risk
“Thanks be to God!”

Why are we waiting?
Let’s all just get started
Gifting each other
With love from the source
“Thanks be to God!”

Such words do hold meaning
When they call us to action
Restoring connections
Between us and the world.
“Thanks be to God!”

What we say is important
It shapes what we do here
Finding the balance
And living the words
“Thanks be to God!”

November 2002