Monday, May 13, 2013

he caught me by surprise

he caught me by surprise
with his simple sounding question
what do you believe? was how it started

I was slow to comprehend
that my answer did not matter
judgment had been reached behind my back

my faith, it seems, was flawed
in a fatal sort of manner
how could I dare to disagree with his perspective?

a lost and hopeless sinner
abomination was the word used
I needed to get right with God and do it quick

hell was out there waiting
for me and all I led there
if I continued to deny the way he saw things

it would all be very funny
if it weren’t so sad and scary
he really thinks his hatred pleases God

the crime I’ve been accused of
is one I strive to keep committing
believing that God loves us as we are

so I’ll pray for him tonight
that the God of love might heal him
but I still don’t want him calling me again

(September 2002)