Monday, May 13, 2013

Christmas Eve

in the quiet stillness of this night
   the candles flicker softly
we hear again the ancient tale
   of wonder and God’s gift
the songs we sing are known by heart --
   of peace and hope and joy

with family, friends and strangers too
   we seek to find the holy
each face we see recalls to mind
   occasions from the journey
those filled with laughter and with tears
   that brought us to this moment

the bread is broken -- wine is poured
   connecting cross to manger
in love we share the feast of grace
   which binds us all together
we know that God is always near
   as close to us as breathing

but shadows often cloud our eyes
   and blind us to the sacred
the dark is driven from our midst
   as we in awe remember
the shepherds watching flocks of sheep
   while angels bring glad tidings

so in the quiet and the stillness
   of this night of candles
an ancient tale is told anew
   and we receive the gift

December 2002