Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chalice Hymnal Database

This is a tab-delimited text file
which can be used with any data base application
to create a data base file
containing titles, page numbers, etc,
for all the hymns & other resources
in the Chalice Hymnal
(©1995 Chalice Press)

Once you have the file on your computer
you may need to “tweak” it a bit
to make sure that each line is, in fact, a new line
(depending on how your computer handles the text file)

Then follow the instructions
for your particular DB application to
create fields for the following categories:
page; title; reading; main heading; sub heading; scripture; tune; meter
(note: the “reading” category contains an “x” for non-hymn resources
such as prayers, litanies, etc.)

Once the data base has been created and the text file “poured” in,
you might also consider adding additional fields to keep track of when the hymn was last used
(but do this after all the data has been entered)