Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beyond The Limits Of Time And Space

Today I had a remarkable experience of spiritual connection beyond the limits of time and space. A friend of mine shared with me that he was experiencing an encounter with Veronica. He went on to say that what he sensed in the encounter was an affirmation of me, and that she was being playful. 

At this point several things need to be clarified. First of all, I have no reason to doubt that he was, indeed, experiencing such an encounter. He is a spiritually open and insightful human being. Also, he has never met Veronica. His only experience of her has been through the stories I have shared. All of which leaves me with a confident sense that somehow, in ways which are far beyond my comprehension, he was sharing a connection with her. I have absolutely no idea how such things work. And I am absolutely certain that such things are possible.

And so it is that I have spent the rest of the day pondering this gift (for that is, indeed, what it is). Why would such a visitation occur with someone else (and a stranger to her at that) and not with me? With the exception of a small handful of micro-second burst experiences that happened within the first few weeks after her death I have not had such an encounter. Why him? Why now? What might it mean? And the answer i come up with for all such questions is, “I simply do not know.” This is true, I believe, because “knowing” in a rational “answers to such questions” sort of way is not the point. Such encounters occur within the realm of Mystery, and Mystery cannot be contained and described with such questions. What I take away from this experience is a warm glow in my heart. It is such a sweet gift to have my love for Veronica affirmed and confirmed in such an unexpected way. I can let go of all my questions and simply allow myself to be immersed in the wonder of the Mystery. The only response which is necessary (or even possible) is gratitude.

- - - - -

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