Monday, May 13, 2013

A Year Later

It’s been almost a year
   Since the world changed forever
      At least that’s what they say
         About that day
In some respects they’re right
   But mostly what I think changed
      Is not the world
         But our perspective
Things look very different
   On this side of the terror
      The way good folks in other places
         Have seen it all along
Except we still don’t really get it
   We haven’t learned the lessons
      Because true insight
         Requires transformation
The planes crashed
   The towers fell
      The tears flowed
         And then we just hit back
We don’t really want to look inside
   To discover ways to change things
      It is safer just to blame it all
         On someone else
Consolidate our power
   There’s no room for disagreement
      It’s us against the bad guys
         Winner takes the world
So I’ll pray for those we lost
   I’ll grieve what we’re becoming
      And maybe some day soon
         The world will really change forever

September 2002